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~ Sunday, April 20 ~

guess who got their new tablet heh


guess who got their new tablet heh

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~ Saturday, April 19 ~


Nene’s 300+ Followers GIVEAWAY!

I just hit over 300 followers! So, because you’re all so awesome, I’m doing a fun giveaway!

Here’s how to enter:

- You must be following me, since this is for my followers!

- Likes and reblogs count! (please don’t spam reblogs)

- No giveaway blogs, and must have your ask box open to claim your prize!

Here’s the shiny prizes:

- There will be THREE winners!

- Each winner will get one bust drawing of any character of their choice!

- Each winner will also get a handmade bookmark, with either a character, theme or pattern of their choice!

- I’ll need the winners’ mailing addresses to be able to send them their bookmarks, so please be warned I will ask for it. If you’re uncomfortable with giving a stranger your address, we can arrange for a different prize!

This giveaway will end on May 31st, 9pm PST!

I’ll use a random number generator to pick the three winners, and will contact them at the end of the giveaway! Good luck, followers! ♥

I’ve commissioned Nene twice in the past and she surpassed my every expectation - go follow her right now and learn hoe to make a decent tea!

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~ Monday, April 14 ~

Anonymous asked: Pax, this isnt a request but i am having lots of trouble keeping my detailed style while drawing simple characters. How would you draw Kirby or Doemon?




And draw a Kirby.

liek dis?

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~ Thursday, March 27 ~


** REBLOG AND WIN ** The Ultimate Megapack for Photoshop has been updated and now contains over 100 brushes for the same discounted price as the original pack. 

This is my best-selling set and it includes a wide range of incredibly realistic pencils, inks, gouache, oil and acrylic brushes, as well as some FX brushes, erasers, blenders and smudge tools. There is even a perspective grid brush.

THREE random Tumblr followers who reblog this post will win a free Megapack on Sunday, March 30th (Value: $13).

Thanks for the support, artist friends, and happy painting to all!

nice stuff!

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My knee-jerk reaction is to visit your page and find your art or all the selfless you took with your cat. ADMIRE HOW COOL YOU ARE. And then not know how to respond to the note so it sits in my box for eternity. /shyest tomato/ 

This seemed really funny in my head and now I feel like it’s rly dumb.

I prob sent an ask like that 6 months ago AND THIS POST MAKES ME GLAD I DID

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~ Tuesday, March 11 ~


Nothing will fuck up your twenties more than thinking you’re supposed to have your shit together.

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~ Thursday, February 6 ~


If I’m able to, then perhaps I’ll be closer to portraying a true expression of love.

          -Hayao Miyazaki (x)

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~ Saturday, January 25 ~

FIFA World cup 2014 - please read if you are coming

In case you don’t read my tumblr / didn’t hear about the Brazilian 2013 protests, here is a big pile of reasons why I beg of you not to visit my country during the 2014 world cup:

All of that is true, it’s not an exaggeration, we are a third world country with 15 cities on the list of the world’s 50 most dangerous! If you know someone who is coming please show them this link, If you have any doubts about anything don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll gladly help with what I can.

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~ Friday, January 17 ~
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~ Sunday, January 5 ~


Recent sketches, finally scanned. Witches & devils

Delicious Witches…

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~ Sunday, December 1 ~

Battle witch wont take ur shit

Inkmo’s girls are best girls


Battle witch wont take ur shit

Inkmo’s girls are best girls

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~ Sunday, August 25 ~

VW is ending production of the Kombi (aka Samba Bus) after 56 yeras in Brazil, this is a ‘72 i recently acquired with 2 other friends for our soon to be announced start-up :D

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This is what getting your brains open looks likeI actually have 2 pics of the brain, maybe I’ll post ‘em next time! :DShe recovers remarkably well BTW

This is what getting your brains open looks like
I actually have 2 pics of the brain, maybe I’ll post ‘em next time! :D

She recovers remarkably well BTW

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~ Wednesday, August 7 ~

Mom just went through 12 hours of surgery yesterday to remove a tumor from the meninges. she is fine and no harm was done to the brain, nerve endings and arteries.

That’s reason 1 why I’ve been gone for so long

Reason 2 was 6 month long unproductive period

reason 3: I’ve been busy setting up a t-shirt business with a few friends.

so mom is “fine”, the business is almost running and i’m back to the drawing table, soon enough I shall resume the art posting :)

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~ Wednesday, July 31 ~





OpenSky jet-powered glider inspired by Japanese anime

In the Japanese animated film, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, the protagonist explores a post-apocalyptic world riding on a jet-powered glider called a Möwe (also called a mehve in English). When the movie was first released in 1984, a vehicle like that seemed like it could only exist in science fiction, but today one artist is determined to make it a reality. Kazuhiko Hachiya has spent the past decade designing and testing his own single-person glider and recently unveiled a full-sized model with a working jet engine.



Well this pretty much made my day.

  something in life to strive for

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